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Resume Builder Review

Why Use Resume Builder Software?

In times like these when the unemployment rate is high and jobs are few, you're going to need a little something extra to help you stand out from the crowd. Creating a resume can be a confusing task for someone new to the job market or returning to it after a few years. Things have changed and resumes need to be sharp, focused and quick. We recommend making your job hunting skills the best that they can be.

In this review site, you will find the best resume builder software compared side-by-side so that you can find one that matches your needs. This type of software does a lot more than help you create resumes. It can help you hone your interview skills, create business cards and can even search for jobs for you.

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Resume Builder Software: What to Look For

There are many different types of resume builder software on the market. Each one has a bevy of different features that may get you a little confused. That's why we're here! We've tried out each software to find the most versatile and easy-to-use, so that you can get the best to fit your job hunting style. Here's the criteria we used to find the best of the best.

The number of features software has determines how flexible it will be to various situations. Our top picks are jam-packed with features such as virtual interviewers, cover letter templates, automatic job searchers and more.

Editing Tools
To make your resume the best it can be you're going to need some great editing tools like an error finder, spell check, thesaurus and a grammar checker. Our top picks have these great features to ensure a professional resume every time.

Help and Support
What's a great piece of software if you can't use it? That's why we made sure that each of our top picks have great customer service, helpful tutorials and online support. All of these add up to a more productive job hunt with less frustration.

Ease of Use
You need software that you can use straight out of the box. We understand saving time and your sanity is important to you, so our top picks can be used without reading a manual or staring at the screen for twenty minutes. Even novice resume software users will find each of our top three choices easy to use.

All of these criteria mean that if you choose one of our top picks, ResumeMaker Professional, WinWay Resume Deluxe or Resume Maker Professional Ultimate, you'll be getting high-quality, productive resume builder software that will help you get the job of your dreams. For job hunting tips, make sure to check out our articles on resume builder software.